>Waterfront property, with wildlife


After the melting of a record winter’s snows and a few heavy April Showers, our backyard is a swamp. The lot behind ours? I’m looking for fish. Ducks, at least.

Neither family, ours or theirs, can get out and unwrap the grill or the camper or set up the picnic table. If you enjoy a squish, squish sound as you walk, you’ll love this!
Until the fish and waterfowl find the place, you’ll have to settle for bunnies. Can you see Friendly, our neighborhood rabbit? He was born in a tiny hole in our backyard, lived through the winter under our deck and our bushes, and now has a lady friend. He’s tolerating the wetness rather well. Can you find the bunny in the picture above?

Okay, I give in, here’s a close-up. I wasn’t really that close to him; I used the zoom. I didn’t want to disturb him, although how he could get cozy in the midst of this wetness I will never know.

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2 thoughts on “>Waterfront property, with wildlife

  1. >Hey, we have a bunny too. I was blaming the holes on the dog! But maybe he is being set up…..ooooo, sneaky wascally wabbit.

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