Virtual Talent?

Dear science students;

You may think it shows talent, but it’s a trait. A recessive trait, at that. Rolling your tongue, no matter how cool it seems, is a trait. If you said talent, it got marked wrong.

Dear Social Studies students;

It’s Social. S-o-c-i-a-l. If you can’t spell it, try calling it History. United States History. But please, my dear young ones, Both of these wild and crazy errors came out of my Gifted and Talented group. GT parents, let’s work to teach your children how to pick up a book (a dictionary, maybe) and look it up if they’re unsure.

Oh, you wanted to see the disastrous spellings?

1. Socil Studies (He left out the a in Social. Needs improvement, but there’s hope.)

2. Souchil studis (I don’t know where this one came from. Mars?)

Dear math students; 

Never mind. Today, you were the cream of the crop. All of the tests made me smile. None invoked tears or hysterical laughter. Keep up the good work.

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