>Vegetable Stew (with beef, eventually)

>I’m sorry. I can’t give you a recipe. My stews are more likely to be cooked by formula, a formula like this.
Find a little of each and every vegetable in the house, including leftovers. Don’t forget to pick a little of this and that from the garden.
Slice and dice and throw into the crockpot with a pound of stew meat and a few cups of beef stock. Simmer all day. Add gravy (or thickening, if it’s watery enough) about an hour before serving.

The photo was pre-meat and pre-stock. This particular stew includes:
From the garden: spinach, fresh green pepper, one tomato, green and yellow beans, basil
From the farm market: corn on the cob (leftover from Sunday night), red pepper, yellow pepper
From the grocery store: stew meat, a splash of Worcestershire sauce
From the freezer: beef stock

Side dishes: I’ll find something. I have that good light rye bread from the bakery, and I picked up cheese curds at the farm market, too. It’ll be a harvest festival meal!

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3 thoughts on “>Vegetable Stew (with beef, eventually)

  1. >YUM! Sounds delicious.

    I’ll bet you’re one of those teachers that everyone walks by in at lunch time and says, “What smells so good? Is that your lunch?” Sometimes when I bring leftovers, I’m that teacher too.

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