>Uh-oh, hold that tongue

>One of my study-group buddies brought her toddler niece along last night. The little girl was cute as can be, quiet, and well-behaved. She sat on her aunt’s lap and colored in a Strawberry Shortcake coloring book with big crayons.
During a heated discussion in which we reminisced about problems and wished for solutions, I accidentally let the phrase “s**t-list” out. Within seconds, I realized my mistake, apologized, and was reassured that the little girl was actually dozing off and hadn’t heard a thing.
Whether or not that’s true, it bothered me immensely. The sight of a toddler or young one swearing may be cute in a movie (Okay, Ben Stiller, I laughed like crazy), but it’s less attractive in real life. And the fact that as a rule I don’t use profanity made it even worse. How can someone who generally doesn’t swear let a nasty four-letter word slip in front of an impressionable language-learner? Oh, drat (or stronger), I felt and still feel lousy about it.
So, J.S., the fantastic aunt, I’m sorry . Really sorry. I know you said it didn’t matter, but I sure hope the little one doesn’t bring that phrase home.

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4 thoughts on “>Uh-oh, hold that tongue

  1. >This being the second time I’ve followed a link that led to your blog, I feel compelled to comment.


    Glad your blog is cathartic. Mine is, too.


  2. >AT least you weren’t the momo– Ahem. Like some people we know…. I like your blog title. VERRY Cute. We wanted to start a dotcompost. but apparently there already is one. Merry bloggin,

  3. >My two year old (now nine) overheard her uncle cussin under his breath. SO one night after her bath I told her it was time for bed and she whispered “oh shit.” I nearly fell over backward into the tub trying not to laugh (or pass out.) Oddly, I’ve gotten worse over the years. The kids however still think “shut up” is a bad word. I hear it from them alll the time.

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