>Trying unsuccessfully to avoid a crabby rant

>I’m trying not to react poorly, get cranky, and crab about things I can’t control. It’s not working.

Yoda, I know, would say “Do or not do; there is no try.” Well, I’d say to Yoda, “Old man, walk a mile in my shoes, you should.”

Yoda didn’t have to deal with a lengthy remodeling project that displaced all of us for days and even weeks (La Petite) from our own bedrooms and beds. Yoda could have used a clean-up of his swamp home, perhaps, but that’s a different story.

Yoda didn’t have to deal with a nasty virus traveling through the family, sending three out of four of us coughing and honking and nearly collapsing from exhaustion.

Yoda would probably use the Force to figure out what is making my kitchen smell odd. I keep cleaning and cleaning and purging and cleaning some more, with limited success. If I don’t find it soon, we’ll be forced to move major appliances – without the Force to help us.

When I considered cooking supper on the grill between storms, I couldn’t reach the charcoal. See the lawnmower? Well, maybe you can’t. The charcoal is back there, on a shelf, behind the boards. Which boards, you ask? Never mind. Tip toe through the mess, I won’t. Cook supper in the oven, I must. On the positive side, I cleaned the grill before I realized this modus operandi would be inaccessible.

I can’t work in the garden, either. Can you see the pitchfork, the rake, the hoe, the shovels? No, neither can I. They’re behind the big sheets of plywood. Move them, I must, if I am to work in the tomatoes. Yoda, master Jedi that he was, could have moved them using the Force. I don’t believe it; and that, of course, is where I fail.

My inner Yoda keeps reminding me, “Daisy, you always say ‘Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can.’ ” while I’m tempted to tell my inner Yoda to go jump on a starship and get out of my galaxy, he reminds me to make something positive out of all this.

So while I cooked a boring and not-very-nutritious meal in the oven, I threw together a rhubarb upside down cake. Enjoy.

I’m at Green Spot-On today, talking a (again) about tomato supports.

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6 thoughts on “>Trying unsuccessfully to avoid a crabby rant

  1. >i miss rhubarb! i grew up in minnesota and we always had tons of rhubarb growing. now i live in georgia and it is to hot to grow it here.

  2. >Oh, what a bummer! Chaos and disorganization make me crazy, I'm sure you're feeling the same way. Go ahead and rant a bit, you deserve it!

  3. >I've told this story so many times that I can't remember for sure if I heard it or got it from someone else.

    I was on the bus, in front of two lawyers who were discussing the decision to remodel vs sell & buy up. The first lawyer was describing the virtues of increased value and the hassle of moving. The other said, "but remodeling can go on forever, and by the time it's over people are too worn out to care anymore."

    The first lawyer said, "Ohhhh, like litigation."

    The second said, "Exactly."

    First said, "Selling, it is."

  4. Thank you, I’ve enjoy reading this perspective and know that things that are out of my control I have not control over. I’ve even come terms lately with certain things in my life, which takes me a bit. I analysis, I talk through and then I let go cause in the end it only me that can make me happy.
    Again, thank you.

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