Trash Talkin’ Trump

Dear Donald;

Since you have so little respect for me, I don’t believe “Mr. Trump” will do. Your perspective on women is unbelievable. I mean this sincerely; I can’t believe that any decent man in the 21st Century would refer to women as bimbo, disgusting, fat pig, gold digger, 

But Donald, you outdid yourself when you knocked Megyn Kelly for being a strong debate moderator. You called her a lightweight, one attempting to be tough. Your statement would have been bad enough if you stopped there, but what came next was (I have to pause and take a breath) – what came next was this. “You could see that there was blood coming out her eyes, blood coming out of her [brief pause] wherever.”

Make no mistake, Don, we know exactly what you meant. By implying that Kelly was tough on you because she was menstruating, you put yourself down much more than you did her. Ever see the movie Annie Hall? They had this discussion in Annie Hall, how the male lead responds to everything the female lead says by blaming it on her period. 1977, Don. The movie came out in 1977. The calendar today says 2015.

Hey, Don. I’ve got news for you. Women make up just over 50% of the American electorate, and we vote. You have insulted a lot of individual women during your very public life, but they’re not the women that ought to worry you.

You should be worried about women who vote.

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