>Top Ten Reasons to Love Teaching


  • The children are fantastic.
  • Teaching requires continual learning – in so many subject areas.
  • If I’m ever on Jeopardy, my broad knowledge base might pay off.
  • The challenge is never-ending; if I wanted an easy job, teaching wouldn’t be it.
  • The variety never ends.
  • I can dress in my team colors on casual Friday.
  • I have a good excuse to buy and read young adult literature.
  • I work with some amazing, caring, intelligent professionals.
  • Teaching is a great creative outlet.
  • A classroom sure beats a cubicle.
Please notice – the ubiquitous “summer off” didn’t even make the list. It is not a valid reason to become a teacher.

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3 thoughts on “>Top Ten Reasons to Love Teaching

  1. >Given what we know from reading your blog about your students and difficult situations, you are definitely seeing the glass half full and keeping a cheerful outlook!


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