Tomatoes, Tomah-toes, guerrilla gardeners

I planted cilantro – in shifts, so we’d always have some. And then, as the cilantro went to seed, I replanted it. I kept replanting it. The new planting didn’t come up and didn’t come up. Eventually, the cilantro started growing again. But wait – something else came up, too.

Say what?

Say what?

There seems to be a guerrilla gardener in the neighborhood, and I suspect he or she is very sneaky and very furry.

Meanwhile, I started rescuing tomatoes a little early, as soon as they start turning orange. Another (or the same) furry critter likes to grab the low-hanging tomatoes. This critter is picky, however. He or she doesn’t pick the green ones, but aims for those that are turning color. I thought most animals were colorblind?! But anyway, the tomatoes are ripening well in the sunshine from the window.

Yum. Looks like salsa.

Yum. Looks like salsa.

Readers, what do you think? Is the same sneaky creature responsible for both?

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3 thoughts on “Tomatoes, Tomah-toes, guerrilla gardeners

  1. I think your tomato plants were volunteers from your compost! I get those all the time wherever I have used compost to plant something. I have a bowl of green tomatoes waiting to ripen. Took down tomato plants last week and didn’t have the heart to toss the green little ones.

  2. Oh, that is quite the surprise with the tomatoes! I didn’t get around to growing any cilantro earlier this year, but only now sowed some seeds in one of the beds. I really enjoyed it last year, so hopefully this new sowing has time to actually give me a harvest before the weather gets too cold.

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