To Market, to Market, with all the right bags

The smaller midweek market has been growing as of late. In this display, you can see two kinds of beans (purple and yellow), two berries (blue and rasp), and lots of cucumbers waiting to be pickled. There’s more, but those are the highlights.

Food stuffs, midweek market style

Food stuffs, midweek market style

Despite the view from the deck railing, I do use cloth bags and reuse plastic. My favorite vendors recognize me and know I’ll hand them a bag for reuse.

Reuse. I reuse a lot of bags.

Reuse. I reuse a lot of bags.

At the Saturday market, the one that takes up most of our town’s main avenue, we bring cloth bags and the bag on wheels. The shiny bag in front is made from recycled plastic water bottles. I like it for berries and other messy purchases because it’s easy to clean.

It was only $0.99, too.

It only cost me $0.99, too.

Ah, the marketplace. I go through withdrawal when the major farm markets are done in October. Then I start reaching into the shelves and serving the foods we’ve put up, and all is well in the O.K. Chorale kitchen.

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