‘Tis the season – for rhubarb, too

I don’t remember where I read it. A gardening and cooking article stated that rhubarb is past its prime and not much good after July 4th.

My rhubarb didn’t get the message because it’s still growing.

I pulled a few pounds from the freezer to make into sauce. Then I harvested about another pound of the fresh stuff.

Rhubarb, ready for dicing

Rhubarb, ready for dicing

Here’s the fun part. After harvesting a big stack of fresh rhubarb, the remaining rhubarb looks like this.

Still Growing!

Still Growing!

We had rain yesterday, so the soil and the surrounding grass look much greener today. If this continues, we’ll have apple rhubarb cobbler, crisp, and maybe even rhubarb applesauce in the fall!

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