Tiny vs. Stockpiles

First the disclosure: My home isn’t tiny. I’m not a pack rat, either – well, maybe I have some hoarder traits. All teachers do, it seems.

I should take before and after pics, but I never seem to remember the “before”. I just reach a point where the closet is too full to be manageable and I know, I just know there is a lot of junk taking up space.

Right now, it’s Amigo’s closet that’s pushing on my consciousness. His closet was the storage place for a while – the winter coats went there in the summer, the light jackets in the winter. But…of the coats in his closet right now, only one will come downstairs to the mudroom when snow flies. The others? It’s time to send them off to Goodwill.

Amigo didn’t need space for hanging clothes for the longest time. But now, with his involvement in the local barbershop choir, he has a tux, a shiny gold sequined vest, dressy black pants, and two polo shirts with the barbershop logo on them. He needs space in his closet, and we do not need those old coats.

Now that I’ve put that in writing, I can hold myself accountable for following through on this goal.┬áIf I’m honest with myself (which isn’t as easy as it sounds), I’ll admit that at least a few of those coats no longer fit anyone in the house.

Maybe watching Tiny House Nation has done me some good.

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2 thoughts on “Tiny vs. Stockpiles

  1. What a coincidence. My husband started singing with a barbershop chorus when he turned 50. He gave it up three years ago (he’s now 65) but then this year joined a local mixed voice chorus with a more classical repertoire. He did his own paring down and yes that included the blue shoes and the two tone shoes and the zoot suites he’d wear to perform with his quartet. Now he just needs the tux for this chorus.

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