>Time is money and Money is time: Frugal and Efficient holiday prep


Time is money, and money is time.
The problem: I don’t have enough of either!
If you think you’ve heard me say that in the past, you’re right. That saying goes right along with “Supermom’s Kryptonite is Time.” I say it too often because it’s simply true.

Both are too true in December. My birthday is in late November, followed by Chuck’s and La Petite’s in December, then Christmas, and a few weeks later Amigo’s big day. If we didn’t plan, we’d be broke – or totally unprepared.

My shopping buddies tease me about my tiny purse notebook, but not much. They know me as the organized one, the intellectual, the one who finished her grad school assignments several days early while another dear friend was pulling an all-nighter to meet the postmark deadline. When I explain that in addition to the immediate family we had my sister-in-law a few days before mine and my mother in February, they understand.

My notebook is tiny, it fits in my purse, and I read it and add to it each time I shop – online or in brick and mortar stores. Keeping track reminds me not to overspend while reminding me of wish lists and suggestions, too. (Dear family; did you look for the papercutter I suggested? Try an office supply store. Small and simple is fine.)

Then I’ll bring home the gifts and wrap them in creative recycled and reused wrapping, topped off with a tag made from last year’s holiday cards. Are you impressed yet?

Frugal, efficient, and totally on top of things; I try, and I fake it well. Now if only I could find the presents I bought early and hid in the closet….or the attic….or my underwear drawer??

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Don’t worry; this is not a paid post. TwitterMoms and Staples suggested the topic, and they’re sponsoring a contest for bloggers on the topic of frugal and efficient holiday planning. My notebook technique is rather low tech and ordinary, but it’s fun to blog on it. Maybe next year I’ll keep track on a spreadsheet and keep it on a Blackberry.

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One thought on “>Time is money and Money is time: Frugal and Efficient holiday prep

  1. >I'm never clever enough to buy gifts ahead of time–I forget what I buy and where I hid and end up buying again anyway and finding the gifts in JULY.

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