>Thrift ideas: it’s not always obvious.

> Yes, that’s right; the wooden case says “Pete’s Wicked Ale.” It’s full of baby board books. That’s okay; baby Audrey is only 12 months old. She loves her books, but she doesn’t read the labels on the book”shelf” yet.

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5 thoughts on “>Thrift ideas: it’s not always obvious.

  1. >Couple coats of paint and some stencils and she'll never know!!! I love to repurpose stuff like that, it's one of my favorite things to do. My verification word is "holoty" and your gonna get a "holoty" use out of that! God, I'm bad!!!

  2. >I hear ya. Don't paint that bad boy. She'll grow up with it and will only realize what it says and means when she's a teenager. Then it will strike her as hilarious.

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