Thrift fun and an Encore Performance

I went thrifting today and found – instead of telling you, I’ll show you.

What a deal!

What a deal!

Pants on the left: 75 cents.

Jacket in the middle: a light wool coat, Talbots brand, $4.50.

My favorite: denim Fleet Farm jacket, $2.95. And lest you think I’m joking, I tried on the jacket. Despite Fleet Farm’s reputation as the Man’s Mall, the jacket is for me. Because I buy a lot of garden supplies, rabbit food and litter, canning supplies, and more at Fleet Farm, this jacket is not just a cool piece of kitsch. It’s simply cool.

Not to mention that buying this jacket reminded me of an old post – enjoy Top Ten Reasons I adore Fleet Farm.

10. Fleet Farm had the tomato supports I needed when no one else in town stocked them.

9. My receipts come with a discount on gas at their gas station. If I fill up the minivan there after making a purchase, I save. I fill my van so seldom; if I can wait to fill the tank when I’m at Fleet Farm, it’s a winner.

8. The clerk at the Fleet gas station resembles a young Brad Paisley. If the teen girls start hanging around the bait counter, we’ll know why.

7. I can resist most impulse buys because of the unique merchandise. I do not need a blaze orange negligee. Really, honey.

6. I said most impulse buys, not all. I did buy a small funnel for my jam. It turned out to be a perfect fit for the tops of the jars, and it prevented waste and messes. I’ve never seen this little gizmo anywhere else – only at Fleet Farm.

5. It’s a huge store; getting what I need requires exercise. Who needs a treadmill? Who needs to walk the mall? I just shop at Fleet Farm.

4. It’s easier to say than Farm and Fleet.

3. Chuck and I bought our bikes there several years ago, and they’re still going strong.

2. It keeps me humble. Walking from the canning supplies to the garden center I pass through the equine section. There are things on the shelves that a city girl like me will never need. Need? I don’t even know what most of the equine equipment is!

1. At Fleet Farm, I found everything I needed to make my first batch of jam!


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One thought on “Thrift fun and an Encore Performance

  1. Daisy,
    You are now officially cool that you have the denim fleet farm jacket. Truly an outstanding work jacket for outdoor chores. Your grandpa had one that he used outdoors for as long as I can remember. (His did not say Fleet Farm on it).

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