Three Minutes a Day: The Garden will Grow!

I heard the philosophy, the technique, the time management suggestion, and said, “Okay. I can do this.”


When you have a project that seems to be impossible, one that inspires you to say, “I don’t have time! I just don’t have time! There aren’t enough hours in the day!” You know, readers, the type of project. I’m sure you have several on your to-do list.

This is the philosophy that will get the garden started this year. Due to a multitude of major health issues (and more pending, dear readers, I’ve been sparing you the boring details), my stamina for digging and raking and bending and lifting is – okay, I’ll put it simply and in a sentence that doesn’t run on. I have very little strength. I tire easily.

I’ve promised myself that I will accomplish one small goal each day. That goal might be small or it might take more than three minutes. No matter what, steadily accomplishing these little tasks will take me up to planting time. Meanwhile, I’ll watch the perennials come up.

I can count on the daylilies.

I can count on the daylilies and their buddies, the stray tulips.

Garlic! It's new this year, and it's growing!


Chives, green onions, and weeds return.

Chives, green onions, and weeds return.

My early pictures always underplay the excitement of watching the ground grow green again. At three minutes a day, one task at a time, we’ll have vegetables. Eventually.




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