>things to do when the big frost is on the way

>– harvest the last of the broccoli, including the leaves, for the rabbits
— take one last picture of the flowers on the deck
— put on a sweatshirt and resisting turning on the heat
— pull up a few bean vines for the rabbit hutch — what a treat!
— harvest the last zucchini, even though it’s really too small
— bring in a batch of tomatoes to ripen indoors
— offer the rabbits one last helping of fresh cabbage
— pick the last bit of parsley and stray carrot greens for a bunny treat
— wonder if rabbits binge eat like humans do
— wave goodbye to the late-growing hollyhocks
— pick some late rhubarb for one last batch of muffins
— think about packing away the shorts and capris
— think about getting out the warm sweaters and sweatshirts
— stir the compost pile
— inhale deeply the scent of the smoke from the neighbor’s woodstove
— bring in a few logs for the fireplace
— think about cleaning the fireplace: nah, maybe tomorrow
— marvel at the early darkness
— drink cinnamon tea from my Pillsbury Doughboy mugs and feel warm and cozy

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