>There are addictions, and there are addictions.


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72%. Not bad, all things considered. Blogging is fulfilling, fun, and cheaper than therapy. Now that school is out, I’ll spend more time decompressing online. If I took this quiz in a few weeks, my addiction percentage might be higher. Meanwhile, I need to refill my coffee cup.

How does your blogging addiction measure up? Leave your score in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “>There are addictions, and there are addictions.

  1. >Oh dear, 80%! And I’ve only just started! (But perhaps that’s why, kind of like a “startup investment cost?”)

  2. >58%

    This is ironic because I’ve been blogging for four years, I have two blogs of my own (one work, one personal), and I write for five others (four of them even PAY me to write!!) And all that only earns me 58%? I figure that’s because with all the blog-writing I do, I have no time to do any blog-reading…

  3. >65% Maybe I cheated, cuz I thought it would come back at 99%!

    You do twitter more than I do. Maybe that’s the extra 7%?

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