>The To Do list and the Ta Da! list

>I once worked for a principal who replaced her inbox and outbox with “to do” and “ta-da!” The title of “ta-da!” increases the feeling of accomplishment in a major way, so I adopted the phrases myself.

A standard to-do list gives readers a little insight into the blogger’s life. A to-do list with commentary could be a wee bit more interesting. So here goes: to-do, eventually to become Ta-Da!

My to-do list, as noted while waiting for my hearing exam this morning (one of the items on the list):

Audiologist appointment for basic maintenance and updated hearing tests. Results: very little change, hearing aids reprogrammed to reflect those changes, consider replacing these in 1 – 2 years.
Stop for coffee on the way home. Including positive self-care (i.e. fun) in the to-do list makes it more likely to get done. Consider the coffee from a local shop both a personal treat and an investment in our downtown. The parking meter only cost a dime, coffee and muffin under $5; how many cities can claim that kind of bargain?
Strip beds.
Wash and dry sheets. Should this be two items, since I need to go downstairs twice in order to get it done? No, three times! The third trip down the basement brings up the clean sheets for folding.
Fold and put away sheets.
Re-dress beds with fresh, clean sheets. Well, really, if I stripped them in the first place, am I not dressing them now?
Clean the rabbits’ litter boxes. Another multi step chore, this requires emptying said boxes, hosing them out, letting them air dry, and then refilling them with clean litter, all the while hoping the bunnies don’t feel the need to use them while the boxes are outside. If I’m lucky, they’ll nap through the whole process and never know the difference.
Laundromat. Start with Amigo’s sleeping bag from camp, add a few other pillows and blankets, and I have a load worthy of the Big Washers at the Laundromat. But do I have enough quarters? If not, add a trip to the credit union to the list on the to-do side.
Water plants. Yesterday’s storms passed north of us (again), so I need to water the deck plants and probably the vegetable garden, too.
Garbage. Empty wastebaskets, take garbage outside, take garbage can to the curb tonight to be picked up tomorrow.
Homework. Yes, homework. I have one assignment left (out of four) for the graduate class I’m taking. When that’s done, I’ll print everything and send it in. That will feel so good! This will be a major Ta-Dah!! on the list.

If there is more time and if I have additional energy, the bushes in the front yard are overdue for trimming, the clover is taking over the lettuce’s space (if only clover were a cash crop!), and there’s always more de-cluttering to do.

Here goes — I just reheated the coffee (see above, treat + investment), so off to the races! Charge!

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3 thoughts on “>The To Do list and the Ta Da! list

  1. >I love the ta da! list idea. So many times I focus on all of the things that need to get done, I forget what I’ve accomplished.

  2. >I love, love, love the ‘ta-dah!’ idea. I have a tendency, and I assume it’s common enough, to let the length of the ‘to-do’ drag me down, when a little focussing on the ‘ta-dah’ might give me the motivation to shift things from one to the other.

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