The To-Do In the Dirt List October

I did this list making task in May. Now it’s October, and the weather’s been lovely, so I’m out in the dirt after school or after supper before the sun goes down.

Let’s see: Done or Ta-Dah! 

  • containers emptied (mostly) of soil and dying plants
  • excess potting soil in new homes such as atop rhubarb patch
  • dill harvested, dried, and put away for seasoning
  • rhubarb final picked, washed, diced, and frozen
  • strawberry plant moved to new home, hopefully to rejuvenate next spring

And to do:

  • Bring in the best rocks from the rock garden
  • Find and plant garlic bulbs!
  • Decide on a location for the two stray straw bales
  • Stir compost. Spread any compost that’s ready!
  • Drain rain barrels. Tip rain barrels for winter. Sob. Winter.

And I suppose there is a list I could call keep on doing: 

  • pick tomatoes
  • eat tomatoes
  • cook tomatoes
  • can tomatoes
  • harvest jalapeno and yellow banana peppers
  • freeze, pickle, or cook peppers

Got it? I think so. Good.


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