The System is down, but I’m feeling better: online teachers working offline

Dilbert creator Scott Adams accompanied that title with a drawing of cubicle dweller slash IT worker holding a sledgehammer and overlooking the destruction of a desktop computer. In real life, teachers in a virtual school sometimes get caught without Internet service. What do virtual teachers do when the network is down? Simple.

We clean.

wiping the coffee stains from the desk

cleaning around the multiple cords that connect me with my students

We file and organize papers.

Ta-dah! basket (as opposed to the To Do file)

Last, but never least, we load up on refills from the communal coffeepot.

refreshing beverage and WSRA mug

And then, when the system is up and running and we can address our bulging inboxes, we   get back to work. All is calm, all is well.

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