>The quest for a — jello mold?

>La Petite wanted to make a jello mold for her boyfriend’s birthday. It’s a long story, but she watches the show “The Office”. Never mind.
She’s handy in the kitchen. I can trust her with the boiling water needed to make this fine cuisine. The only problem is: we own no jello mold. Not one. None.
I owned two such molds at one time in my life. In our first year of marriage, we used to go Rummage Sailing, and I picked up the cutest little jello mold for a dime. A dime! It was just the right size for one box of jello with a little canned fruit. How cute is that? Later on, my mother-in-law (or was it my mom?) gave me a nicer quality mold, complete with pretty flowers or stars or some other shapes. I don’t recall, exactly.
After years (I tell you, years) of non-use, I finally gave in and either donated both or sold them myself for a few quarters. I no longer own a jello mold.
La Petite went to WalMart. She went to the grocery store. She checked the Dollar Store on the same commercial strip. The only jello mold she found wore a $10 price tag, too high for an underemployed college student.
She called Goodwill. Success! She looked over the three molds, bought the cheapest, and came home.
I can’t wait to see what she puts in it.

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2 thoughts on “>The quest for a — jello mold?

  1. >Jello molds are always fun. We have individual sized jello molds…a set of eight. We also buy jello jigglers molds when they have them at the grocery stores for the holidays. We have had easter egg, halloween and Christmas molds. Silicone cake pans also work great as a jello mold if you want a shaped one.
    Thanks for the comment over at my blog!

  2. >I love looking at jello molds. I would love to cover my kitchen wall with all sorts of old jello molds. Until then, I just look at them, never buying. I don’t make jello.

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