The Personalized Cubicle

How does a cubicle-dweller give the space an personal touch? We teachers are more accustomed to decorating an entire classroom with the help of students. It’s a little different when the class is virtual. My cubicle has a few odd pieces on the walls.

Cookie Fortunes!

My Favorite Forgotten Terms

My Favorite Forgotten Terms

Select pages from my desk calendar grace one wall. Coworkers sometimes stop in to read my new words and the comments I’ve added.

Forgotten English: The Calendar

Here it is: the cover to the calendar. If you can’t quite see it, the word of the day was “flurrigigs” the day I took the picture. Don’t recognize the word? Look it up: if you can.

Meanwhile, I’ll reboot the computer one more time and plan to pick up a Barrett for Governor sign after school. Did you really think I’d make it through an entire post without mentioning the looming election? Hah. 

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