>The next cycle in Washers and Dryers

>Dear Readers;

We need you. Yes, we. Chuck and I are finalizing plans for a remodel of our upstairs bathroom and (drum roll) moving the laundry machines into our second floor. We have to make final decisions regarding those appliances, and we need advice. Your advice. Yes, you. Here’s the situation.

I’m planning to buy a front-loading washer. I’ve done the research, and that type of washer will meet our needs and save water and detergent in the process. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Now: the plot thickens.

Pedestal or no pedestal?
I’m pushing 50. Yes, 50. My back isn’t as young and strong as it once was.
It would mean less bending, less reaching to put the laundry in the machines and take it out.
The pedestals also provide a storage drawer under the washer and dryer.

Storage shelves above the appliances would be quite high, and I’m (ahem) short.
One pedestal costs about $200-$240. Two (one for the washer, one for the dryer) will run us at least $400. Ouch. Is it worth the investment?

Gas or Electric dryer?
Gas dryers are more energy efficient than electric: both green and frugal.

Gas dryers are more expensive to purchase ($80-$100 more than electric).
Gas costs a little more right now than electricity.
Is gas efficient enough to counter these two costs? Will we make back our investment?

To stack or not to stack?
Stacked washer and dryer will allow for more space on the floor: a drying rack, perhaps, and/or access to a window.
We’re approaching (slowly, we admit it) the empty nest. We won’t need extra large capacity appliances for long.

Side by side appliances can be larger capacity. The stackable models are somewhat smaller.
Larger capacity would let me wash blankets at home, avoiding the semi-annual laundromat adventures.
Weight. Can our old (1890) home support stacked appliances?
Vibration. Will the vibration of a washer, in particular, cause a problem?

Well, readers, please weigh in. What are your experiences with front loading washing machines? Gas or electric dryers? Pedestals? Stacked washer/dryer combinations? We need advice. Please leave your knowledge and expertise in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “>The next cycle in Washers and Dryers

  1. >I have ancient appliances, but I'll be curious to see what everyone says because I'm strongly considering having my smallish dressing room plumbed for a washer and dryer eventually.

  2. >When we built our house last year, we opted for side-by-side front loading machines with storage shelves over them. I regret the shelves now because I can't reach them easily. If I could do it again, I'd put the washer and dryer on pedestals and not have the shelf storage above them.

    We opted for electric over gas, because here in Virginia the electric would be less expensive.

  3. >Front loading is definitely the way to go, not only for the reasons you mentioned, but it will also be less wear and tear on your clothes. Also, even a smaller machine may fit that bedding that you are talking about because there will be no agitator. If you got stackable, then you might only need one storage drawer for added height and save space for a drying rack? I love my gas dryer, it is very efficient.

  4. >RE: ability to stack due to the weight—–

    When your contractor removes the floor he can evaluate the joists below and determine the weight load available.

  5. >We have a front loader and I don't think I have to bend too much, really. The savings on detergent has FLOORED me. Our dryer is old, but I hardly ever use it…

  6. >I like front loaders and I like electric better.

    The pedestal are great if you have back problems! I do and I LOVE them. Mine doesn't have them but my parents do. So much easier.

  7. >We only have front-loaders over here, so I always find it odd when people debate this! I think they're great, though – and I think electric is probably the way to go.

    Regardless, I'm so late catching up with my blogs that you probably bought them already!

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