The Holiday Roller Coaster finds a Level Track

We, the whole family, have been on a roller coaster of emotions in the last month. This is one of those roller coasters that turned us upside down, swung our feet in the air, brought our stomachs to our throats and then suddenly dropped them down again. Then came a holiday weekend.

We decided to keep it simple. No travel, no major dinners, no large family gatherings.. Comfort food. Relaxation.

Chuck, the family Iron Chef, agreed on keeping it simple. He planned to get out the grill, weather permitting, and create a surf and turf. I baked a plain yellow cake in two rounds, and then Chuck made it into a bunny shape. Amigo enlisted La Petite and her friend to dye eggs. And that, my friends, was plenty.



Sometimes the best way to handle a potentially stress-filled weekend is to simply step away from the madness. We took a collective deep breath, said No to anything complex, and took care of ourselves.

That, my friends, is priceless.

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