>The Great Minivan Trade Up

>Have you met Dad of Divas? He’s a great Dad and a very creative guy. He and his family are working on an innovative project to procure a lovely family vehicle. He describes it best in his own words.

I was reading recently about Kyle McDonald who traded one red paperclip to eventually trade up (14 trades later) for a home in Kipling Saskatchewan , Canada . I even found that now they are trying to trade up the house!For those of you that have been following me for a while, you know that J-Mom and I have been looking at getting a minivan for quite some time, but for us it has been an issue of money (being on one income and all). In reading about Kyle and his project, I have decided to try something a bit unconventional. In our research, J-Mom and I have decided that we really would like to get a Toyota Sienna. We chose this based on our test drives, safety features, reliability and overall value for the product.
Why a minivan you may say…well, if you have ever tried to lug around kids, family members, the kids’ friends in vehicles that only hold 5-6 you may now understand our dilemma.What I am offering is to try a new trade up project for a new (or very gently used – preferably new) Toyota Sienna. Do I know whether this project will work, no. Do I hope it does work, sure thing!I will promise this to all of my readers, if this does go anywhere, you are sure to hear more about it along the way no matter what happens (it should be fun). (I wonder how quickly something like this could potentially happen???) What I am looking for is for people to offer trade ups that have some value to others. Seeing that I live in Northeastern Wisconsin and have a more limited travel budget, I am looking for things to be somewhat transportable (yet again, of value). If items are products, please make sure that items are in working order. If trades are for services, events, vacations, etc, please specify the parameters that must be followed.So what do you get in return, well first, you get some items that may be valuable to you. Second you get to be a part of history! Third, you will get notoriety and free publicity as I will make a big deal regarding my trade ups! Fourth, for the person, company, etc, that does finally get me to my goal, I will promise you praise beyond compare on this site, and if you would like a continual product review (a year in the life per se of a Toyota Sienna owner) So don’t call me crazy, just call me industrious and creative… I look forward to what happens!
So be a part of history as I have never found anyone that has done this type of trade up… and help me to achieve my dream of becoming a minivan family! Even if you don’t want to trade up, please share this with friends, colleagues, other blog networks. Thank you for your support!!!!

If you would like to check out the progress of this endeavor, Dad of Divas is here. If you have an idea for publicity or if you’d like to offer a trade, please email him at dadofdivas at gmail dot com. It’s been a fascinating ride so far, and I predict it will get even more so as his trade values get higher and higher.

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