>The first apartment


La Petite and her roommate are getting into an on-campus apartment this year. Yesterday we loaded a batch of dishes, pots and pans, and other miscellaneous along with Amigo, me, and two bunnies for a preliminary visit to the new “place”.
Yes, pets are allowed. Peanut and Sadie will live at school with her. We thought we’d give them a preview of their new home, as well as some practice in taking car rides. The bunnies passed the test with flying fur — I mean flying colors.
And speaking of colors! The apartment is a feast for the eyes… if you have a strong stomach. The carpeting is your basic neutral, indestructible, indoor-outdoor type in a dark gray. Just the thing, really, to camouflage spilled Mt. Dew or Ramen noodles. The only color comes from the bright red kitchen chairs. Then (are you ready?) the brave visitors might enter (drum roll) the bathroom. Check out the floor, if you dare.

Then get a close-up of the toilet. Yes, it’s two colors. The bowl and tank are a pastel mint green, and the seat/lid have been replaced recently — in white.

And speaking of colors, what is this color? Does it have a name? It’s not goldenrod, it’s not avocado, but I really don’t know what to call it. But next to that floor, does it really matter?

Ah, yes. It’s really a decent apartment for two college girls. I’m just not sure how La Petite’s navy blue towels and her roommate’s hot pink will coordinate with the bathroom decor. But heck, nothing else matches, either. It’s the kind of apartment that creates memories — before the kids even move in.

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2 thoughts on “>The first apartment

  1. >You know, I think first apt.’s should be like first cars. Your first car should break down a lot so you either have to work harder to earn money to fix it or learn to fix it yourself. Your first apartment should both make you miss home and make you feel like you can make a home for yourself. So many learning experiences tucked inside. 😉

  2. >In my favorite college apartment’s bathroom, I had dark red carpeting. That stuff was nasty. I’m telling you this to avoid admitting that the linoleum in your daughter’s bathroom is almost the exact same stuff that I have in my current, adult bathroom. My only excuse is that we just bought the house in January and we haven’t gotten around to udpating the floors yet. Our kitchen floor is very similar. Startlingly ugly. Really.

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