That’s my (bulky) bag.

I reached for my purse to tuck in a pair of unused chopsticks (Amigo prefers a fork), and my purse wouldn’t stay level. I adjusted it a bit, got it hanging on my chair again, and then rejoined the family for our delicious meal out at the local hibachi place.

It was kind of the last straw for this purse. It was a chance find, one handed off from one person to another. I thought it would work for me because it had lots of pockets. No such luck.

Famous last words: It'll fit!

Famous last words: It’ll fit!

The contents

The contents

The guilty items

The guilty items

I carry an inhaler and Tylenol and Dramamine with the logic “I don’t need them often, but when I need them, I really need them.” These three items were the culprits – the pieces that really took the poor purse over its limit.

I needed to swap it out for a better option, so I pulled out a few others I owned.

The choices

The choices

Black leather (lower right) was a little too small. The same is true of the Fossil tapestry design on the right. On the lower left, however, is a grey leather bag La Petite brought me from Italy. This bag has several pockets and a lot of space. If I plan any travels, I can add my Kindle, my passport, and anything else I need for the road. My little camera even fits inside.

There’s even a tiny pocket just the right size for my business card holder.

La Petit'es design

La Petite’s design. Cool, eh?


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