>That pile? I faced it; it’s gone!


I have a to-do box (inbox), a ta-dah! box (outbox), and a pile I just can’t face right now.
Rather, I should say I HAD a pile I just couldn’t face.

I did it! It’s gone! Now I can go home, have a summer, and go back to a clean and orderly desk in August.

I wonder how long it’ll stay this way?

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6 thoughts on “>That pile? I faced it; it’s gone!

  1. >WOW!
    I wish someone would come and do that for me. LOL
    I bet that feels much better.
    Happy gardening this summer, we put in a garden this summer in hopes of cutting some of our grocery costs…will see how much it saves.got some new chickens too. I just can't seem to bring myself to get a cow though LOL I'm not sure I really want to milk the dang thing every day …ya know!

  2. >How can you get any work done with no work to do??

    It looks great and almost inspiring enough for me to clean mine!

  3. >Wow! That looks great! I am very impressed. What to come and organize my home office next? 😉

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