>Tex Mex Chicken over Rice

>This was almost a raid – a pantry raid. The back of the chicken package suggested a Tex-Mex chicken pizza. I was all out of pizza crusts (spinach-basil pizza Wednesday night), so it became simply Tex-Mex chicken. Rice? I always have several varieties around the house. Sides? A few multi-color carrots and peas that were fresh a few days ago and needed to be eaten. Yum. I mean, oh, such a sacrifice!

Anyway, here goes. Tex Mex Chicken!
1 lb. chicken breasts
Onion and peppers, to taste (fresh if you have them!)
Corn, cooked in advance
1/2 cup salsa
olive oil
In a large skillet, cook chicken in olive oil until browned on both sides. Remove from skillet. Add a little more olive oil if needed; cook diced onion and peppers until soft. While this is cooking, dice chicken. Add corn (mine was cut off the cob, a left over, of course). Stir in salsa and chicken. Heat through, about 15 minutes – just enough time to cook up a pot of fast-cooking brown rice! Serve over rice. Optional: add chili powder or hot sauce to your own hotness scale.
Meanwhile, during this fabulous meal creation process, the steamer was cooking up a side dish of multi-colored carrots and about a cup of peas, both vegetables from the farmers’ market, of course. How will I cook when winter comes along and I no longer have the downtown market to supply me? I don’t even want to think about it. Maybe it’s time to buy that second freezer.

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