Summing up the year

The post on Facebook was simple, or so it seemed. “What one word sums up 2013 for you? And what word reflects your intentions for 2014?”

2013: For me, the word was Survival. My episode that resembled a stroke happened in late 2012, but I spent a great deal of 2013 recovering. Physical therapy, walking with a cane, gradually and slowly reconnecting the left side of my body to my brain.

A few highlights on Survival in 2013:

Choosing a word for 2014 is harder. I picked one on an impulse, of course. We’ll look toward the future – tomorrow.

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One thought on “Summing up the year

  1. It’s interesting that I would use the same descriptive word for my own 2013: survival. Different issues, different work to resolve them, but all requiring serious degrees of strength and fortitude in many ways!

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