Storing the canning supplies

Oh, I was so proud last June. I organized the cupboards, cleared a space, and the storage for my home-canned goods looked great. Here’s an encore post showing the stock and the storage. 

There must be a better way.

This is the “before” picture. I’ve increased my repertoire of canned foods every year, and with that increase in recipes came an increased yield. Then comes the question: where do I keep all these provisions? And after we finish each jar of pickles or jam or applesauce, where will I keep the reusable jars? Above you see the dilemma in June: a partial shelf of pickles and jams and applesauce and rhubarb waiting for their day on the table, surrounded by empty canning jars and freezer containers.

Something here must go.

Step 1: I cleaned out half the books at the top.

Step 2: I gathered boxes for a thrift store donation (shelves out of sight on the left).

Step 3: I relocated the crockpot and reorganized the jars by size.

Step 4: Move in!!

Ah. That’s better.

Readers, this is the “after” shot – the “after” shot for June. After I’ve canned my way through June and July and even part of August, this cupboard will look very different. I’ll be sure to show you then. Remind me. Really.

Okay, readers. I now have at least double that amount of empty jars, and I never did show you August, did I? Expect a sequel as I work on decluttering – as much decluttering as my still-weak left side will allow. 

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2 thoughts on “Storing the canning supplies

  1. Even small amounts of decluttering give us a morale boost; some things go away to be recycled at the thrift shop, others find a better storage place, and when excess belongings go away, we feel lighter inside!

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