>Starting the Blogging year with a Retrospective

>I saw this meme in two places, Raspberry Latte and Not Afraid of the “F” Word (not what you think). It sounded like a perfect way to start the new blogging year. The rules are simple: search out the first post of each month and post the first line here. So, in honor of the first post of 2008, here it is: a recap of 2007. I’ve linked to the posts themselves in case you want to read what followed.

January: Reindeer Pig shows off the new chalkboard mug and its greeting

February: I am currently worrying about:

March: I know it’s a day early.

April: You might be a teacher if:

May: Disablism?

June: Tradition!

July: Summer fun includes baseball!

August: My blog had its ten thousandth hit over the weekend!

September: Summer Fridays are special for me and Amigo.

October: The first book in a planned series, The Dark Dreamweaver takes a young boy into a fantasy world where he discovers that while magic isn’t as easy as he thought, he has a talent and ability to learn it and use it well.

November: My school is one of the few that still allows kids to dress for Halloween.

December: Yes.

Searching through my archives made for an interesting journey. The shortest starting sentence was one word (December, May, June). The longest opener was the book review that started October, and somehow, it works without being a run-on. Two posts started with partial sentences followed by bulleted lists (February, April) Looking back on these posts reminds me of the rollercoaster ride that was 2007. Life’s looking up, mostly, so I hope that trend continues.

Here’s hoping 2008 is a good one for you, too.

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4 thoughts on “>Starting the Blogging year with a Retrospective

  1. >Thanks for posting this meme. It was interesting to look back through your posts.

    Happy New Year! Wishing you and your family a blessed 2008!

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