Spring memories – frozen memories

This weather event happened in April of 2013. We were lucky on several counts. We lost power for hours, but not for days. Amigo and I stayed warm in the den with a fire in our fireplace. We charged our cell phones in the minivan when they needed it. Mostly, we relaxed with blanket throws and books. Seriously, though РApril? 

We joke about our football team playing on Frozen Tundra. In reality ¬†grass does grow here. It’s also reality that we can see schools close due to winter weather – in April.

We had no power that day, which was also the case for several school buildings in my town. Ice, ice, and more ice coated the trees, wires, and anything else.

Icy Cherries

Icy Cherries

Home for oregano - later.

Home for oregano – later.

And finally, we really enjoy our neighbor’s sculptures. When coated with ice, they were even more lovely.

icy sclupt blue close sm

The unique beauty of an ice storm is fleeting. Fortunately, the powerless state was also temporary. Power came on just in time to cook a warm supper, simple though it was.

Now, Mother Nature, can we please have spring?


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