Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is a day intended to relieve the pressure and the mobs and the sheer craziness of Black Friday. Taking my own path as usual, La Petite and I decided to visit a few small shops yesterday, Friday.

Shop Number One: a few blocks from my workplace, a shop with an eclectic mix of vintage and upcycled items for the home. We picked up some cute frames and wine cork boards in a variety of sizes. Better yet, I got some great ideas to substitute for wrapping paper.

I gave up using commercial wrapping paper a few years ago, and I’ve stuck to that vow. I’ve used a few scraps of leftover paper, finagled a few bits of tissue into service as packing and wrapping, and salvaged all kind of larger scraps for reuse. A more accurate motto might be No New Wrapping Paper. More later on the trimmings and trappings – now back to regularly scheduled program, Small Business Saturday.

Downtown Appleburg had some goings on to draw customers downtown. Shops planned cookies and beverages. Some had prize drawings. Many participated in the window dressing contest. Participants had creative displays that showed their wares and celebrated the season. I’d offer you pics, readers, but my little camera doesn’t do the displays justice. Imagine bright red ballet shoes hanging alongside a tutu made of tulle, with silver bells and more, all in the front window of a dance apparel shop, and you’ll get the idea.

We finished up the morning at two vintage and crafty shops directly across from each other. I treated myself to a cool vintage hat, one that goes well with both of my winter and middle-weather jackets and works with my hearing aids, too. So many hats make them squeak and squeal; this was a deal for that point alone!

With a final stop at Walgreen’s for hearing aid batteries, we were done. Fun times, money spent at small local businesses, and found some unique gifts. For the real Small Business Saturday, I’m thinking of visiting thrift stores.

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3 thoughts on “Small Business Saturday

  1. It’s too bad we don’t have “small business” type places where we can buy our hearing aids. All the mom and pop drugstores gave way to mega-pharmacies long ago. I wonder if our local hardware stores carry them.

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