>Sing it with me: Saturday at the O.K. Chorale

>On the to-do list:

Remind Amigo to do his laundry. Why can’t the kid do it himself? He can. He needs the reminder to actually throw the clothes in the washer and deal with it.
Plant seeds and hope they’ll grow. Most of these seeds are a year old; I haven’t bought new ones yet. We’ll see if they’re any good. Still. Yet. If they grow, it’ll look like salsa again in the O.K. home; I planted lots of tomato and pepper plants.
Stir the compost. Shh: don’t tell Chuck I played in the compost. He’s convinced that anything resembling garden work will cue Mother Nature to send in a storm.
Make ice cream – hopefully with Amigo. It’s easy and fun and he’ll love the results.
Set aside a Care Package for La Petite. She’ll be back for appointments on Monday and Tuesday, so I’ll send her a bag of food to fill her pantry. I can’t help her find a second job, but I can feed her.
Draft a letter of support for a local candidate. If this is really the year of the progressive woman, she’s perfect.
Check out the latest news on the local private school that lost two thirds of their teachers due to conflicts over paychecks – namely, the lack of them.
Look for ways to streamline the family budget. Headlines today noted what we’d all expected, but dreaded: my colleagues and I in the local public school district will face another wage freeze along with a higher deductible in our health care coverage.
Keep cleaning the house and purging it of useless items. Sell or donate; make space for what’s important instead of storing junk. At the most, we may get a few bucks for some of the stuff. At the least, we’ll have less to clean.
In a related category, reorganize the canning supplies. At this time of year I have more empty jars than full. How to store them until I need them – that’s one dilemma. How to make more room next fall for the full jars – that’s another. It feels like every year I make a little bit more. Well, if my pay is frozen, at least I can still feed the family.
I guess all this means I should get offline and do something. Here goes!

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