>Simple Pleasures

>I hear the dogs barking next door. Maybe the boys are home! They left early this afternoon to pick up La Petite at school and bring her home for a fun and relaxing weekend of sleeping in and carving a pumpkin or two. Actually, it’s a bit too early, so meanwhile, it’s just me.

I stayed at work late and got an enormous amount of prep work completed. I didn’t leave until 5:00. I put together a simple supper, watched the news, and watched Jeopardy. Now I’ll blog a little, and then I’ll make fire in the fireplace and read a book. That is, a simple, lighthearted, fiction novel that will let me relax and totally lose myself in its fantasy world. I enjoy quality books that challenge me and I read a lot of professional journals and research, but once in a while I read something with no purpose other than to entertain. Entertainment, after all, is a valid purpose and an often bestselling genre.

So off I go — I’ll find a snuggly mug, make some herbal tea, and then start the fire. If I feel adventurous, I’ll make popcorn. Maybe I’ll even put my pajamas on early. Ooh, now that’s a tempting thought.

TGIF. Time to Get Into Firebuilding.

‘Night, all.

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