Signs that it’s December in the O.K. Chorale

  1. My closet is cluttered with piles – the result of gift shopping! I have to sift through the piles to figure out what to throw in the laundry.
  2. Blanket throws adorn every surface made for sitting or stretching out – including couches, recliners, and bean bag chairs.
  3. Supper menus feature more comfort food than usual.Chicken soup, anyone?
  4. We finally finished the fall tomatoes. Sniff. Sigh. So sad.
  5. Hot cocoa is considered a normal beverage.
  6. I’m watching Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus and getting a lump in my throat.
  7. The Weather Channel provides entertainment and makes me want to stock the shelves in case we are snowed in or iced in or have a hurricane or — okay, maybe just the first two.
  8. The Weather Channel inspires me to ask: If they’re covering Snowstorm Cleon and Snowstorm Deon, will it be Eons before the next one hits? Please say yes.
  9. My fingerless gloves are in my desk drawer at work – that is, when they’re not on my fingers!
  10. Dear, sweet “Chuck” was overheard saying, “It’ll be up to 20 degrees Sunday. I think I’ll put up the Christmas lights then, while it’s still warm outside.”

P.S. I didn’t mention holiday music because we enjoy it all year round. And a partridge in a pear tree to you, too!

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