Signs of Spring at the O.K. Chorale

My signs of spring may differ from yours. I’ll share a few.

Picnic table

Picnic table

The picnic table is an island of ground surrounded by snow. In an ocean of snow? No, not that much. Maybe a Great Lake.

Grilling time!

Grilling time!

Chuck finished the taxes yesterday! He is celebrating by getting out the grill. Pay no attention to that pile of snow behind the grill! We are starting up the charcoal and having steaks for supper.



Closer to the house, a bunny peeks out to see the sun. It’s a ceramic bunny, not a fuzzy one, but it’s still a hint that the ground may be ready for planting sometime. Oh, and I now see where I “stored” the last batch of walking onion bulbs.

Readers, what are signs of spring at your abode?


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2 thoughts on “Signs of Spring at the O.K. Chorale

  1. My signs of spring include ten tiny knitted hats for the newborns in the hospital nursery, in spring colors of yellow and purple!

  2. Our kitchen table is a mess because I am going through my tackle boxes replacing bent hooks etc. Last week we melted lead and poured fishing jigs. I also put fresh line on my reels. Fresh walleye is around the corner.

    Also, plans are in the works for a Utah elk hunt. The question is if I really want that much elk burger and steaks.

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