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We took a tangent on the basement clean-up. The major cleaners will be here Tuesday to clean up the silt and dirt from the water disaster. Then they’ll set up professional size fans and dehumidifiers and leave them running to dry the walls. If the walls could talk right now, I’m sure they’d be asking for dry clothes and a little dry weather, too.

Chuck unearthed two aging file cabinets – full file cabinets. He went through them and sorted the contents into recycling and shredding. The shred crates are rather full.

To Be Shredded

To Be Shredded

By the process of estimation (actually from experience feeding pages of old tax returns through the shredder), I’ve determined that one grocery bag of shred equals about three full files. Look at the above crate again. Then look below.

Shredded! It's shredded!

Shredded! It’s shredded!

I leave a little space at the top so I can staple the bag shut. That way, my shredded old resumes won’t be flying around the neighborhood when the truck picks up and dumps the big blue bin. 

I’ve already tossed three grocery bags of shred into the bin. We have many more to go. What do you think, peoples? Are there other uses for shredded paper? Before I start sneaking bags of paper into my neighbor’s bins, leave me a note with an idea or two.

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