>Shoulds are, as always, bogus.

>I should have washed the windows when I filled the minivan with gas.
Reality: I didn’t have much time.
End result: I bought coffee instead, left the windshield-washing for later.

“Crop dusting” at neighborhood park should have been done on a weekend or outside school hours.
Reality: DNR had only a finite window of time, did it during the school day.
End result: My minivan got coated with the sticky film of an organic insecticide.

Car wash should have taken care of it.
Reality: Car wash track broke down as my minivan entered.
End result: Minivan front end covered with soap, washing code noted (in soap) on side window. Sticky coating of organic insecticide still present.

I should get a free car wash!
Reality: I had already paid. No refund available.
End result: Credit issued, I can go back to get the wash done when they’re fixed again.

Update: I went back to the car wash on a cool and cloudy day. The line was non-existent, and the service was great. the minivan is finally clean.
Now there’s rain in the forecast, but that’s fine with me.

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One thought on “>Shoulds are, as always, bogus.

  1. >Sounds like it was one of those kind of days. It’s the saying “The road to H*## is paved with good intentions”. My husband will often say he should do or should have done something. His intentions are good, but the task will remain undone.

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