>Senator Obama, it’s okay to get angry!

>Dear Senator Obama;

Taking the high road can include anger, can include strength. McCain’s campaign is putting you down with inaccuracies, insults, and outright lies. Remember the Swift Boat campaign? Kerry didn’t respond soon enough or strongly enough, and people began to believe the deceptive ads.

The blogging world is coming to your aid with examples of community organizers, their responsibilities, and the good they do. The online world is spreading the news of the good you did and the skills you learned that will help you lead the nation well.

But not all voters read the blogs. Some only get their information from the sound bites on television commercials and newspaper headlines. Senator, presidential hopeful, you must defend yourself.

We’ve got your back. We’re here, in the trenches, with the signs in our lawns and the buttons on our jackets and our blogs. Please, Senator, take them on. Show McCain and Palin that you don’t take their insults lying down. Your work and your knowledge are what the country needs. Stand up and say so. Please.

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