School Starts for Teachers

It happens all too quickly. Teachers go back Monday for a series of meetings and a little time to prep, or prepare for the First Day of School. My Fitbit alarm is set to wake me up early so I can have breakfast and get going. I’ll either meet the gang at our new office and carpool over or I’ll park at the “old office” building and walk from there to the meeting place, the largest high school auditorium in our district.

When we arrive, we’ll hear the usual welcome, the “theme” for the year if there is one, the various award winners and 30 year pins. And then, we’ll head back to our own schools for meetings, meetings, and more meetings.

And on Thursday, the students arrive.

This is a good time to set goals. I’m not much of a New Year’s Resolution type; my “year” begins in late August. In addition to the usual “learn new curriculum” goal, I have to set a professional goal that is measurable and attainable. Oh, yeah, teacher jargon!

The goals that matter most, however, are those that cross the personal/professional line. I hope to make a positive adjustment to the new office, its location, and the configuration of cubicles. We are all in one room, so the potential for noise level is more than a little scary. Adjusting to this is high on the Goal List.

Add to the Goal List the idea of investing in School Climate. If the apple jelly turns out (from the apples picked on the new office site), I hope to bring enough jelly in to share with the whole staff. Big goals, I know. I try to make contributions while not creating my own emergencies, if you know how that goes.

The highest and most important goal is one I pursue outside of school, but a goal that has huge effects on teaching. This goal has even heavier effects on student learning and eventual student success.

  • Goal Number One: vote for and help elect legislators who understand and support public education.
  • Congress: Tom Nelson
  • Senate: Russ Feingold
  • President: former leader of Children’s Defense League, lifelong advocate for children, Hillary Clinton.



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