Scary Credentials

Chuck has a collection of lanyards and credentials from special events he’s attended for his job. He is often the one pulling cords, making sure the satellite uplink will work, and in general, preventing chaos. Sometimes his special events are Packer games at Lambeau Field, golf tournaments at Whistling Straits, or political campaign events. In 2012, the security folks for both parties knew him by name.

In the theme of Halloween, he came home with a scary credential.for an upcoming event.

My gardening glove is masquerading as a paperweight.

My gardening glove is masquerading as a paperweight.

Can you read it? He’s working at the November Republican Debate. Scary? My reaction was a shudder and a very loud “Ew!”

It’s sure to be a shiver and shudder type of event. Frankly, I’d rather watch Jeopardy. At least the contestants on Jeopardy demonstrate common sense and intelligence.

And I’d better stop right there. Readers, would you work an event like this if you had the chance? Or would you run, screaming, in the other direction? If you had a choice, that is.

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2 thoughts on “Scary Credentials

  1. I would work it. If nothing else just being able to say I have been to one of those. Not that I am very impressed with politics these days anyways…..

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