Rock Garden Art

The Stork

The Stork

This bird was under the Christmas tree in December, a gift from Chuck. He’d bought it at Art in the Park – a fabulous and fun art festival that takes place in a downtown park only about half a mile from our home. Can you imagine Chuck walking home from the park carrying this creature over one shoulder? Yes, indeed. He actually made a sneak trip back to the park while I was working in the garden and then hid the bird with his other sneaky purchases.

Here’s a top view. The stork shares space with a cell-playing frog and a few containers repurposed for growing good food.

Still Life - Stork with oregano

Still Life – Stork with oregano

Fun, isn’t it? I mix art with worn out wicker and other textures to create a rock garden. This area used to grow mint. Shh; I want it to stay rocky for a few more years.

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