>Remodeling the old Homestead: the bunnies & Dr. Seuss

>While the workers are here, the Big Bunny (Buttercup) has to be caged.
Since the daughter has graduated and is moving back home, her bunnies live here, too.
The bunnies are not friends with each other. Not. At. All.

Normally, Sadie lives in our bedroom. However, we have no bedroom right now; just a collection of 2 by 4s, many of which actually measure 2 by 4 inches – But that’s another story. Temporary home for Sadie is the den, but the den doesn’t have a door. Well, not a regular door.

We’ve been keeping Buttercup in her cage while the workers pound up and down the stairs. When she’s out of her cage, we have a temporary gate on the stairs. But the day the plumber was late (tried to put off our job until later, but the inspector said “ahem, today, sir”) Chuck took pity on the poor furry creature and let her out. In his frustration that day, he sent me the following email.

Try this Mr. Fox in Socks sir:
When the summer plumbers battle over a vent-le in a stud-le and the Butter-Bunny’s running on the crumblys in the roomblys and that Butter-Bunny’s eating the wettest of the lettuce, then that’s a Summer Plumber ventle studle Butter-Bunny crumbly roombly wettest lettuce battle.

The plumbing rough-in is done and passed inspection. They
may move forward onto the next step.

Thank goodness.

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