>Recipe for a good collection


1 computer
Internet access
word processing software
file labelled “recipes”
printer and paper

Surf your favorite food sites. Find bloggers who grow their own ingredients and working bloggers who feed their families somehow, just like you do. Copy and save their recipes. Send them thanks!

My favorite sources for recipes online:

Farmgirl Fare — check out her farm blog with its Daily Doses of Cute and many, many recipes. All will make you smile!

Courtesy of Farmgirl and her foodie friends, use this Food Blog Search to find tested and true recipes.
Scribbit posts a recipe once a week. In between, you’ll hear all about life in the real final frontier, Alaska.

Ordering Disorder — a department of Work it, Mom! — this mother of seven (7!) shares her recipes for the crock pot, the grill, and more.

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