Reasonable Accomodation

Dear iHop;

We’ve been customers for years. In the beginning, you told us you didn’t have the Braille copy of the updated menu. Five years later, our local iHop still doesn’t have a Braille menu. Do you wonder why we continue to go to the neighboring pancake house, Blueberry Hill? If we can’t get a Braille menu at either place, we’ll choose local every time.

Dear Movie Theater;

You tried, and we appreciated it. The ad said that descriptive narration was available. A manager brought out a headset and receiver that would bring that narration to Amigo. It didn’t work. Fortunately, we’re well versed in sharing what’s purely visual on the screen, and Amigo is skilled at inferring.

Dear nearby public library:

You hearing loop in the conference room is terrific. We came to hear an author during the local book festival, and I sat in front, as usual. Then I set my hearing aids on telecoil to use the loop, and the author’s microphone was delivered directly into my ears. Wow. That was cool – very, very cool.

Dear Red Robin;

We make an exception to our “locals only” rule to visit you because you have a Braille menu. It’s an extra effort to make all customers happy, and Amigo and I appreciate it. By the way, those burgers? Mmmmm.

Dear business world;

There are a lot more hearing and vision impaired people out there who are potential customers. Take the extra step and make us welcome, and we’ll respond with our loyalty.

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