>Rain! Spinach! And more!

>Rain! We finally had a little rain! My rain barrels were empty, and I actually watered the garden with the hose two nights in a row. It felt so wasteful, yet was so necessary. My poor plants were drying up in the cracked soil.

Spinach! We have spinach! I harvested a big batch of spinach to cook up with chicken in my slow cooker. The produce drawer looked like Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard (with the exception of bunny food), so I stopped at our neighborhood market and picked up 1 green pepper, 1 red pepper, and one small onion. I found out that the best cheese is located at the meat counter. Feta will be perfect on this dish!
I’ve also discovered two relatively new thrift stores. I picked up a pot and two tiny cute buckets, sized perfectly for giving away two jars of jam each. Total purchase: $1.97.
Next door was Starbucks. I don’t get out much, so I used a gift card and got myself a treat. After that, I mailed a few books and picked up prescriptions.
Now back to the neighborhood market. I used my own bag at the thrift store and for the prescriptions, so when I got to the market, I had to take their plastic bag. Famous last words: “Oh, I don’t need to keep all three bags in my purse. Two will be plenty.” Uh-huh. The clerk even teased a little because I never, ever need a bag at this little store.
Now the crock pot is simmering, the medicines hiding in their designated cupboard, the new buckets and I’m debating what to grow now that I have another pot. Meanwhile, time to make lunch and relax with the mid-day news.
So, readers, I’m curious. Do you bring your own bags? How many do you carry with you on a regular basis?

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