Quotes from Christmas Day

“Is the monkey bread done?” “How can I tell?” “If it looks goopy, it needs another ten minutes.” “Goopy? Is that the technical baking term?” Daisy does a Swagbucks search for the term goopy and wins 11 swagbucks. “Yep. It’s a word.”

La Petite: Cool wrapping paper, Mom. What’s this on the back – your latest EKG?

Daisy: No, this is reclaimed paper I rescued from being recycled by a science teacher. I think it’s seismograph readings.

Amigo: Moans. Mom, you take this green wrapping thing too far.

“Remember when…” “No.” “Okay. Never mind.”

“Christmas commercials are getting up there with the Super Bowl.” “True, I don’t even know what’s on, but I’m enjoying the commercials.”

Daisy: Look; my online friend got a super-nice gift from his kid and his kid’s friends. They made him a Wikipedia page. 

La Petite: That’s adorable.

“It’s impossible to be a Grinch on Christmas with Amigo around. He loves Christmas, the whole Christmas season.”

Readers, here’s hoping your Christmas season was and continues to be as festive as the holiday in Whoville.

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