>Putting the garden to bed for the winter


It looked like this at first. Deceptive, really; the air was quite cold.

Then I pulled out all the stops, er, stakes and supports and put them in a safe and sheltered place next to the garage. The rain barrel is already off the cinder blocks.

Without their supports, the tomato plants looked like this — sprawled across the ground, no strength left.

Don’t worry; I picked as many tomatoes as I could before this. A few random and hardy zucchini, too. We’ll be eating fresh for a while longer.

It’s a bittersweet time, putting the garden to bed for the winter. It’s the final end of one season and the beginning of another, and the waiting begins until we can plant again in spring.
Goodnight, tomatoes. Goodnight, zucchini. Goodnight, peppers. Goodnight — oh, all right, I’m done.
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One thought on “>Putting the garden to bed for the winter

  1. >Good night geraniums, good night shovels, good night cosmos, good night apples. Almost all tucked in here, too.

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